Quality Repetition


TOCA Training provides technical skill work that supplements team training. Through increased repetition, proper technique becomes instinct.

  • Increases game-related touches
  • Improves weak foot technique
  • Develops control of flighted balls
  • Creates muscle memory
  • Minimizes time between touches

The First Touch


A good first touch is the foundation of every skill in soccer. TOCA Training develops the first touch, which builds the physical and technical requirements for every other skill:

  • Simplifies decision-making
  • Builds control that is essential to playing away from pressure
  • Advances coordination, balance and technique
  • Develops ability to play with the head up

Size 5 Ball


WEIGHT: 14oz



Toca Ball



Small-Ball Training


The use of a smaller ball is at the heart of TOCA Training:

  • Increases focus and concentration
  • Generates less wear and tear on the body
  • Creates technical challenge due to smaller sweet spot
  • Safely teaches proper heading technique with a low impact ball

Controlled  Environment


Technical training should be done in a small space. Our TOCA Studios are typically 20-30 feet wide by 40-50 feet long indoors.

  • Smaller space promotes cleaner and tighter touches
  • Most efficient use of training time – no chasing balls
  • The TOCA Touch Trainer controls each delivery, making for a consistent training experience each time
  • Fail-safe environment fosters creativity and confidence

Toca Training

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