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Cosori COMINHKPR124355 Pizza Cutter, Yellow

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  • HARD AND STEADY DESIGN - The sturdy ergonomic design is what distinguishes our high quality pizza cutter from the similar products. The long handle will help you to guide the wheel smoothly and swiftly leaving perfectly shaped pizza slices behind. The solid grip makes it easier to cut even pieces.
  • CRUCIAL TOOL - Pizza cutter is a necessary tool for slicing through dough and crust easily.JmeGe stainless steel pizza cutter is used by home cooks and professional chefs across the globe.
  • USER-FRIENDLY - The sophisticated pizza wheel comes with an added layer of protection - the finger guard. No more injuries during your war with the knife and pizza.Cuts smoothly and stylishly across any topping,size or thickness. It is also extremely easy to clean.All you have to do is place it in the dishwasher!
  • 100% TIME SAVING AND COST EFFECTIVE PRODUCT - Pizza is delicious,but cutting it using a knife is a nightmare. Unless you want to have a mess,use JmeGe best selling pizza wheel to serve your loved ones with the best pizzas in the world. We have made pizza cutting efficient for you.It is worth very dollar you spend on this!
  • CUT ALL YOUR EXTRA LARGE PIZZAS IN STYLE - Be it BBQ meet or vegetables,mushrooms or pineapples or extra cheese for the topping, be it a thin crust,thick crust or a stuffed crust,regardless the size of your pizza,if you have this tool handy in your hand, you will be able to slice it in seconds!

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